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    repetytorium longmann chapter 1 HUMAN - part I body
    (in)formal, build, shabby, im/polite, look up to sb, look down on sb, imagine, skinny, maturity, dis/loyal, make up one's mind, embarassed, shoulder-length, rudeness, go to one's head, procrastinator, content with, gain sb's confidence, adore, caring, make up your mind , talkative, attitude, insist on, elated, shouter, slender, efficient, excited, impartial, multi-task, wrinkles
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    rapetytorium longman poziom rozszerzony, rozdział drugi DOM
    fully-fitted, radiator, fireplace, cushion, landing, knick-knack, chalet, letter box, light fixtures, townhouse, within easy reach (of sth), farm house, framed photograph, facade, made to order, potted plant, texture, airy/spacious, receiver, dilapidated, inhabitant/ resident, wallpaper, bare, bedsit, doorbelt, minimalist, outskirts, mantelpiece, downtown, suburban, Persian rug, residental area
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    longmann repetytorium
    put in (bathroom fittings), connect electricity, keep house, unscrew, estate agent, landlord/landlady, replace, tighten the screw, real estate/ property, mow the lawn, throw out (rubbish), take out a bank loan, mend the dripping tap, fasten sth (to sth), feel at home, redecoradion/ refurbishment, tenant, interior, redecorate, fix, (un)bolt the door, eviction, move house, let out (a flat), do up a flat, paper the walls, lenght/ height/ width, evict, to let, hauseholder, set up house/ home, repossess
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    autor: paluch...
    work, repetytorium longman
    shares, construction worker, earn a good salary, tip, repetitive, fotness coach/ instructor, rewarding, wage, graphic designer, web/ website designer, bonus, unemployment benefit/ dole, demanding, cut costs, pension, buraucratic, lucrative, interest, badly-paid, administrative staff, civil servant, manual, menial, fulfilling, customer service advisor, child benefit, interior designer, responsible, high-powered, well-paid, white-collar, creative - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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