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Pakiety użytkownika dorotka-3
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    moduł 1
    date/ place of birth, checked, cotton, (in)sincere, trust-worthy, shorts, stubborn, double chin, withdrawn, pimples/ spots, dissappointed, cardigan, overalls, bracelet, single/ unmarried, adult, contact lenses, conceited/ big-headed, sex/ gender, cords, wig, humble, disgusted, middle-aged, bow tie, in his/her teens, (dis)honest, talkative, striped, intimidated, occupation, resentful
  • 0
    flippers, high/ long jump, yacht racing, surfowanie z latawcem, ski boots, fix a match, skater, disabled swimmer, enchance performance, win the gold/ silver/ bronze medal, shuttlecock, sports hall, boisko do koszykówki/ siatkówki/ piłki ręcznej/ badmintona/ kort tenisowy, badminton, canoeing, enter a race, championships, EPO, olympic park/ village, work out, polo field, defeat, plunge, bungee jumping, archery, boxing ring, goal, caving/ potholing/ spelunking, cycling, rollerblading, white-water rafting, competition/ contest
  • 0
    double-decker, carriage, passer-by, checked bag, cart, camp, landing, adventure holiday, delay, traffic controler, black box, sleigh, vehicle without headlights, zgłosić się do odprawy, left-luggage room, air bag, x-ray the luggage, tow, airport staff, reach one's destination, cruise, excess luggage charge, buisness trip, cycle path, collision, holidaymaker, underground, fill up the car, lorry, petrol station, airline, change a wheel
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    MODUŁ 8
    baroque, break the copyright law, behind the scenes, eminent, write (music, lyrics), satirical show, eyesore, cabaret, depiction, encore, mosque, close-up, ancient, eye-catching, precious, unique, hit the music charts, sculpture, chapter, comic book, loudspeaker, box office, work of art, compose, cast, dance floor, sculpt, erase images, market square, applied art, operetta, (auto)biography - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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