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    Sprawdzian z języka angielskieg- Unit 4 ( pogoda )
    Give off, Fossil fuels, Climate change, Bumpy, Lamp post, Hail storm, Heat up, Blow, Throw water, Misty, Milt, Thundery, Surface temperature, Road works, Frost, Take off, Spin, Rely on, Alter, Altitude, Power station, Combat, Conscious, Snowflake, Lightning, Fire hydrant, Paragliders, Renewable energy, Pedestrian corssing, Consciousness, Thunderstorm, Famine
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    thustworthy, architect, gap year, definitely, zombie, yours faithfully, get qualifications, fruit-picker, sales assistant, under, serve customers, photographer, groundskeeper, travel agent, well-paid, be on your feet, baker, answer the phone, micro, sentence, pilot, farm worker, taxi driver, video game developer, dentist, engineer, debt, accident, prevent, travel a lot, involves, earn a lot of money, charity fundraiser
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    Produkty mleczne; mięsne; rybne; owoce i warzywa; inne; sklepy;
    une pastèque, la charcuterie, la dinde, le jambon blanc, au magasin de fruits et legumes, une pomme de terre, le sel, le beurre, une pêche, les magasins, la viande de mounton, une tomate, une fraise, le vin, le jus de fruits, la saucisse, les fruits, le jambon cru, à la poissonnerie, un gâteau, les fruits de mer, produits frais, la saucisson, l'eau gazeuse, le poisson, le fromage, une banane, une baguette, une orange, la viande de boeuf, l'eau plate, le raisin
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    Inne określenia, ciało człowieka, lekarz
    Did you go to the doctor's ? , spine, Did you take any medicine ? , rib, lark, ill, a moustache, trap, rash, thigh, co, chest, When was the last time you were ill ?, highlights, badly, Are you allergic to ... ?, bald, dark skin, sub, throat, regrow, average, undesirable, spiky hair, winkles, difference, a beer gut, numb, foot, cancer, pass out, rosy cheeks
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    Słówka dotyczące domu
    kettle, bungalow, bedding, bedside table, lavatory, bathroom, gate, pillow - case, bathroom cabinet, chair, remote, desk, wardrobe, bathroom, furniture, tiny, bed, clock, bookshelves, block of flats, cardless kettle, fireplace, upstairs, cushions, wall, popular area, pond, studio flat, mirror, semi - detached house, sideboard, bathmat
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    Unit 6
    mention, shift, discover the truth, have a good sence of humour, target, arrest , call sth off, come up with, come across , handsome, turn into , separable, job interview, pretty, ask sb out, turn into sth, helicopter paramedic, pessimism, adventure, sociable, investigative journalist, modest, charity shop, intelligence, emplyee, follow her dream, rare, apologise, mature, self-confidence, overtime, inseparable
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    breast, eyebrow, calf, eyelash, wrist, back, tongue, feet, leg, thumb, hip, heel, trunk, skin, fist, teeth, lips, neck, thigh, hand, waist, tooth, shoulder, chest, stomach, chin, toe, finger, mouth, elbow, throat, bottom
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    snub, big, vein, freckles, sleeve, t-shirt, necklace, tights, bag, socks, complexion, pyjamas, shoe, get dressed, mackintosh, underwear, waistcoat, sweat-shirt, tanned, cheekbones, jeans, coat, flat shoes, hat, button, liver, expressive, stockings, cuff, nightdress, spotted, high heels
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    distressed, red, charming, divorced, dislike, short, unfriendly, married, sad, ethnic origin, king, blonde, straight, grumpy, moved, jealous, annoyed, secure, open-minded, last name, excited with sth, adore, envious, impolite, white, wear one's hair in pony-tail, personalisty, unrealistic, go bald, wavy, toddler, caucasian
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    Literatura 1)
    bestseller, set book, autobiography, playwright, reference book, crime story, excellent read, unexpected twist, literary criticism, poet, short story, play, genre, setting, gothic fiction, fiction, script, non-ficion, reviewer, tale, poetry, love story, comedy, recommend, review, detective fiction, relate, novelist, poem, novel
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    composer, costumes, be set in, songwriter, scenery, singer, reggae, give an outstanding performance, conduct, support, orchestra, modern production, be highly acclaimed, play live, rise to sb's feet, applause, ballet, interval, give a standing ovation, rap, stage, musical, concert hall, band, record, lyriics, pop, sing, classical, the charts, rock, jazz
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    science and technology culture human
    break down, results, ethnic origin, scarf, to kill a mockingbird, recharge your phone, soap opera, rebellious, oxygen, admire, ear, frame, pay, dress up, wear, in the distance, research laboratory, study the universe, laws of motion, country and western, thigh, suit, sculpture, log off, anyone, novelist, lips, bored, the front runner, hypothesis, self-conscious, put the phone on silent - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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