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    Sprawdzian z języka angielskieg- Unit 4 ( pogoda )
    Bumpy, Fire hydrant, Sea levels, Pour, Alter, Pavement, Milt, Power station, Paragliders, Street corner, Renewable, Selfish, Misty, Flood, Behaviour, Giverage, Avaible, Storm, Snowflake, Shine, Chimney, Cut down, Give off, Foggy, Head, Rely on, Sunny, Heat up, Thunderstorm, Surface temperature, Mist, Melt
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    succeed, friendly, although, yours faithfully, reliable, have a good time, in my opinion, mis, probably, serve customers, salary, in other words, accident, prevent, floor, determined, micro, therefore, surfing instructor, lego sulptor, be jobless, as I see it, journalist, catch, chef, discuss, wear a uniform, work with children, farm worker, over, fitness instructor, button, I look forward to hearing from you
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    Produkty mleczne; mięsne; rybne; owoce i warzywa; inne; sklepy;
    un kiwi, le jambon blanc, une tarte, le fromage, le sucre, les pâtes, le jus de fruits, le jambon cru, surgeles, la pate, un abricot, la glace, les aliments, une pomme de terre, la mayonnaise, une pastèque, le poulet, la viande de mounton, au rayon, les crevettes, à la poissonnerie, un champignon, conserves, le café, une poire, le lait, les oeufs, une banane, une orange, un croissant, la biere, les boissons
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    Inne określenia, ciało człowieka, lekarz
    dark skin, Did you take any medicine ? , facial hair, sore, clean - shaven, do pull - up, freckles, average, a moustache, a sore throat, survive, diarrhoea, spacious, semi, chemist, numb, itchy, sub, winkles, do push - up, When was the last time you were ill ?, blink, dreadlocks, tent, bruise, a runny nose, thickness, multi, trip over, rest, drop, eyelid
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    Słówka dotyczące domu
    shower, caller, television, remote, flowerbed, rainwater, toilet - roll, castle, cottage, bathroom scales, settee, toilet, rug, tap, bedroom, bed, radiator, skyscraper, bathroom, bookshelves, chair, tooth - mug, extension, wardrobe, flat, basement, cushions, fireplace, bathroom, kettle, rug, substantial
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    Unit 6
    investigative journalist, hold sb up, appeal to , target, bonus, bring sth up, have lots of/ common sense, break up, thoroughly, sympathetic, take after , look down on , training course, maturly, adventure, make a difference, sociability, separable, sunrise, instrument maker, self-confidence, competitive, helicopter paramedic, realism, enhusiasm, have good organisational skills, look after, intelligence, shop lifting, salary, honest, shift
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    throat, ear, bottom, neck, elbow, finger, heel, eye, shoulder, fingernail, toe, stomach, feet, jaw, waist, calf, eyelash, hip, mouth, eyebrow, skin, hand, head, thigh, tongue, chin, teeth, palm, thumb, foot, breast, leg
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    sleeveless, clean- shaven, stockings, blue, patterned, pants, fair, raincoat, lung, check, checked, wrinkles, pale, panties, tanned, kidney, muscle, dark, sandals, heart, necklace, flar, hat, get dressed, boxer shorts, waistcoat, jacket, blouse, handbag, coat, dress, skeleton, polo-neck
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    sensible, ugly, carefree, obese, frustrated, easy-going, unfriendly, secure, womeb, instensitive, irresponsible, dull, married, personality type, bitter, unreasonable, nervous, plump, unattractive, short, unpleasant, worried, ethnic origin, divorced, untidy, detest, red, teenage ( boy/girl), amazed, job, modest, narrow-minded
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    Literatura 1)
    poem, poetry, play, review, setting, love story, bestseller, gothic fiction, detective fiction, poet, excellent read, novel, novelist, genre, short story, recommend, fiction, tale, comedy, unexpected twist, autobiography, non-ficion, relate, reference book, playwright, script, literary criticism, reviewer, crime story, set book
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    regular theatre-goer, rise to sb's feet, modern production, reggae, give a standing ovation, songwriter, ballet, piece of music, opera, conduct, rock festival, release an album, compose, local theatre company, audience, play live, rap, jazz, conductor, be highly acclaimed, orchestra, technician, contemporary dance, concert hall, costumes, scenery, stage, play, sing, release a single, record, spectator
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    science and technology culture human
    cheek, play, talk more loudly, despise, participate in an internet forum, Asian, unmarried, personal computer, briefcase, fringe, perspective, listener, people, married, performing arts, show, television, harmony, make a computer printout, insert a CD-ROM, psychology, direct, turn on, quiz show, suede, stuntman, wear one's hair in a pony-tail, excited with sth, frame, neck strap, speak up, jaw - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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