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    Sprawdzian z języka angielskieg- Unit 4 ( pogoda )
    Frosty, Pedestrian corssing, Spin, Cut down, Power station, Paragliding, Blow, Paragliders, Snowy, Lamp post, Shop sign, Approaching, Road works, Surface temperature, Recycle, Behaviour, Fossil fuels, Global warming, Raindrop, Pavement, Alter, Sunny, Milt, Land, Road sign, Bumpy, Thunderstorm, Insulate, Lead, Sweltering, Freezing, Giverage
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    use a computer, cleaner, post, fitness instructor, serve customers, himself, refuse collector, dish washer, work with children, multi, carpenter, repetitive, dentist, operate, co-operative, deal with the public, work indoors, however, paramedic, builder, catch, therefore, require, hairdresser, stressful, co, punctual, pizza delivery, be part of a team, varied , in my opinion, I look forward to hearing from you
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    Produkty mleczne; mięsne; rybne; owoce i warzywa; inne; sklepy;
    boucherie, une pomme, le sel, le jambon cru, le poivre, le saumon, une pêche, la charcuterie, la viande de mounton, le beurre, la biere, le soda, la volaille, un kiwi, les aliments, la saucisse, le thon, un croissant, un pain, le café, le riz, melon, une pastèque, une fraise, une poire, le poisson, une cerise, le thé, l'eau gazeuse, le raisin, une aubergine, la dinde
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    Inne określenia, ciało człowieka, lekarz
    increase, trap, content, ex, spiky hair, blink, chest, a bob, highlights, winkles, do push - up, raw, pass, a scar, a ponytail, What was the matter with you ?, sub, pancreas, semi, Did you go to the doctor's ? , prescription, artifical, Is it painfull ?, spots, do pull - up, foot, diarrhoea, Are you allergic to ... ?, Is it painful ?, swollen, lark, scalp
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    Słówka dotyczące domu
    bedroom, housing estate, hedge, bookshelves, caller, block of flats, contemporary, cupboards, porch, bathmat, bedroom, rainwater, charming, studio flat, drive, cosy, nailbrush, tap, balcony, bookcase, villa, mansion, different, tooth - mug, detached house, shower, chest - of - drawers, stool, sheet, laundry - basket, facilities, celling
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    Unit 6
    sack, for istance, emplyee, intelligence, shift, miner, intelligent, be good at communicating, patient, job interview, have physical courage, cheergulness, patience, generous, swap shift, have lots of energy, fair, inseparable, appeal to , break up, discover the truth, creative, training course, sympathetic, call for, i'm right person for this job, overtime, maturly, enthusiastic, workload, instrument maker, good-looking
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    hand, teeth, chest, tooth, trunk, thigh, chin, heel, hip, stomach, fingernail, mouth, back, skin, fist, nose, palm, ear, neck, tongue, toe, breast, elbow, cheek, eyelash, jaw, shoulder, eyebrow, knee, thumb, calf, throat
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    fit, tie, vein, dress, distinguishing features, moustache, top, pants, plain, flar, get dressed, bra, jeans, wear, belt, dark, gloves, skeleton, shirt, eyes, handbag, blouse, polo-neck, cuff, zip, complexion, tanned, rib, vest, woollen, leather, wrinkles
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    have a haircut, chubby, middle-aged, insecure, lively, amazed, reserved, ugly, king, narrow-minded, widow, carefree, fearful, adventurous, bad-tempered, friendly, separated, polite, sunny, envious, self-conscious, medium length, curel, impateint, untidy, amusing, tidy, bitter, short, nervous, quiet, modest
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    Literatura 1)
    excellent read, non-ficion, setting, short story, detective fiction, poem, poetry, relate, script, novelist, bestseller, unexpected twist, review, playwright, play, reviewer, love story, reference book, crime story, set book, tale, literary criticism, autobiography, genre, poet, comedy, recommend, novel, gothic fiction, fiction
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    rap, atmosphere, audience, conductor, give an outstanding performance, singer, music, be set in, props, spectator, interval, modern, reggae, composer, give a standing ovation, applause, piece of music, musical, technician, show, local theatre company, rock festival, band, orchestra, folk, songwriter, record, ballet, contemporary dance, lyriics, rock, be highly acclaimed
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    science and technology culture human
    ticket inspektor, dubbing, shrink, sing, unselfish, in top corner, periodical, star, astrologist, underwear, read the manual, supporting role, attitude to, charger, google a phrase, engineering, pretty, subtitles, feature film, waistcoast, silly, put the phone on silent, maths, glossy magazine, gravity, column, find sth interesting, tabloid newspaper, mouth, minimalist, establish contact, bossy - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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