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    Sprawdzian z języka angielskieg- Unit 4 ( pogoda )
    Give off, Insulate, Bumpy, Rain shower, Spin, Alter, Freezing, Melt, Lamp post, Combat, Lamp post, Paragliding, Surface temperature, Lead, Cut down, Reach, Renewable energy, Giverage, Lose consciousness, Climate change, Sweltering, Renewable, Power station, Shop sign, Selfish, Thunderstorm, Wet, Greenhouse gases, Rainy, Cause, Clouds, Stormy
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    creative, be on your feet, chef, deal with the public, enthusiastic, organised, carpenter, what is more, miner, undergraduate, I look forward to hearing from you, duvet tester, save, floor, for example, instead, au pair, gardener, semi, charity fundraiser, thustworthy, received, challenging, engineer, get into debt, travel a lot, pizza delivery, get qualifications, well-paid, stunt performer, yours sincerely, overstimate
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    Produkty mleczne; mięsne; rybne; owoce i warzywa; inne; sklepy;
    la viande de boeuf, une cerise, les pâtes, une fraise, la mayonnaise, un gâteau, à la poissonnerie, les fruits de mer, une poire, chez le boucher-charcuteir, la dinde, une pastèque, le café, le saumon, une pomme de terre, la charcuterie, une carotte, la viande, un pain, les oeufs, la moutarde, boucherie, l'huile, une tarte, la viande de mounton, un croissant, la biere, une aubergine, le soda, pâtisserie, le fromage, au rayon
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    Inne określenia, ciało człowieka, lekarz
    content, lark, pass out, You should, do pull - up, sideburns, high altitude, eye drops, delibeately, light skin, dreadlocks, swollen, Are you allergic to ... ?, eyelid, pass, mini, chest, doubt, difference, vacuum, undesirable, tissue, freckles, chemist, rest, multi, a tatto, light-head, thickness, balding, fairly, a parting
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    Słówka dotyczące domu
    popular area, cramped, bedside table, cupboards, towel rail, front door, celling, path, terraced house, thatched cottage, different, mobile home, wash - basin, rug, tiny, bedspread, extension, tap, hedge, curtains, vacuum claner, conservatory, clock, chair, bathroom, laundry - basket, solar panels, attic, conveniently located, popular, toilet, drive
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    Unit 6
    is experience required needed?, look after, patience, look down on , for istance, pretty, helicopter paramedic, generosity, patient, maturly, respond to , turn into , look up , symphathy, handsome, journalist, sunrise, turn into sth, target, CEO, investigative journalist, how much will i earn?, lack self-considence, promotion, have lots of/ common sense, hold sb up, stubbornness, work out, call for, intelligence, competitive, flexibility
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    eyebrow, throat, cheek, wrist, foot, thumb, tongue, ear, jaw, nose, feet, eye, calf, bottom, back, thigh, head, fist, neck, waist, knee, elbow, chin, forehead, finger, fingernail, breast, eyelash, heel, arm, mouth, stomach
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    sweat-shirt, trousers, snub, gloves, sleeve, jeans, coat, match, handbag, dress, flat shoes, v-neck, boxer shorts, scarf, nightdress, polo-neck, bone, briefcase, vest, boots, plain, shoe, fair, wool, shrink, clean- shaven, pointed, big, jacket, pants, tracksuit, tanned
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    woman, sociable, nienawidzić, marital status, blonde, medium length, talkative, trustworthy, fine, short, chunky, grumpy, rebellious, admire, responsible, delighted, slim, strong-willed, excited with sth, irresponsible, respect, instensitive, lazy, clever, last name, unattractive, rude, disloyal, friendly, go bald, jealous, white
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    Literatura 1)
    reference book, poem, tale, script, reviewer, crime story, comedy, set book, autobiography, poet, recommend, literary criticism, novelist, non-ficion, love story, excellent read, unexpected twist, detective fiction, bestseller, relate, genre, poetry, fiction, play, short story, gothic fiction, setting, review, playwright, novel
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    piece of music, orchestra, applause, be highly acclaimed, compose, concert hall, classical, atmosphere, props, local theatre company, rap, costumes, technician, band, support, composer, jazz, rock festival, music, interval, release a single, show, give a standing ovation, release an album, give an outstanding performance, audience, play, pop, musical, sing, modern production, ballet
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    science and technology culture human
    respect, geologist, fat, reggae music, slim, self-centred, upset, nightie, admire, analyze resultes, geneticist, band, back, open-minded, research institue, props, pants, drawing, hard disk, actress, gravity, catch your attention, in the right-hand corner, astonished, stuntman, secure, musical, indicate, underweight, play, narrow-minded, change gear - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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