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Pakiety użytkownika kasiunia3560
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    słówka z rozdziału dom
    view, bedroom, per week, family home, steel, castle, accommodation, pay in advance , light, ad, photo frame, attic, roof, bookshelf, cupboard, freezer, cooker, town, stairs, table, bin, located, staircase, sink, city, detached house, fereplace, armchair, garden, upstairs, in the centre, bedside table
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    matura słówka -szkoła
    retake, common room, nursery, get suspended, revise for, fail, graduate, cheat, miss lessons, take a test, send out, mock exam, form teacher, workshop, corridor, get results, copy, primary school, lunch break, kindergarten, college, entrance exam, award, headmaster, kit, play truant, grade, deputy head, packed lunch, memorise, bell, staff
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    słówka angielski
    another point in, what do you think about, however against that there is, finally we should think about, roughly, looked at all pros and cos, I'm afraid I don't agree, That's a good point, the reason being that, I'm not too sure, the advantages will, reason, I completely agree, the reason I say that, the main advantage to, I feel strongly, I think you've got that wrong, as far as I'm concerned, to sum up, on the other hand, I totally disagree, wonder, the disadvantages, I couldn't agree more
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    matura słówka praca
    be responsible for, babysitter, driver, advertise, in a team, menager, fruit picking, chef, workplace, dog walking, human resources, employer, musician, go bankrupt, work under pressure, find work, architect, accountant, writer, covering letter, hairdresser, vet, colleagues, bonus, candidate, beautician, track record, plumber, work as, public holiday, postman, wages
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    towarzyskie życie
    fiendship, retire, granddaughter, kid, soulmate, grown-up, have rules, have a party, adult, daughter, grandmother, engagement, dad, take the dog for a walk, brush your teeth, close friend, daughter-in-law, youth, get dressed, boyfriend, take after , tidy one's room, go sailing, make friends with, twins, gossip, have breakfast/lunch/dinner, start a job, fiance, brother, a snack, go for a walk
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    słówka żywienie
    grapes, cottage-cheese, proper nutrition, beef, serve, book a table, potato, mushroom, recipe, kiwi, bake, yummy, processed food, bill, pudding, appetizing, dish, peel, lose weight, squeeze, jam, sour cream, beetroot, kettle, beat, apple, cucumber, cherry, main course, cut, lamb, carrot
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    would you let me, No, you may not, Ideally, I'd like to , I won't have to make a decision until, Sorry, that's not possible, how about, just this once, I'm planning on, Sure, go ahead, have you made up your mind about, Let's go for that, I'm not sure about that, have you got any plans for, any ideas, I bet, There's a distinct possibility that, You won't regret it, It's on the cards that, Alternatively, we could always, You never know, I'm not too sure, I don't fancy doing that, I'm afraid that's not an option, one thing's for certain, can I/may I/could I, good point, It's always been dream to, I haven't decided yet, The reason I say that is because, I'm afraid you can't, That's brilliant, Sorry, that's out of the question
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    słówka aa
    good value for money, broken, DIY store, in a sale, credit card, expensive, no fit, faded, inexpensive, branch, greengrocer's, post office, repair, plumber, shoe repairs, boutique, insurance, reductions, newsagent's, scratched, exchange , cash, account number, bookshop, stationary shop, pet shop, clothes shop, supplies, faulty, debit card, online shopping, sports shop
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    tourist information, book, get on/ get off, single room, package holiday, rescue, coach, travel on a tight, crash, tent, seat, map, all-inclusive holiday, motorbike, sightseeing, National Park, place of interest, delayed, sightseeing tour, attractions, ask the way, bus stop, take a bus, bus station, lifebelt, facilities, make the most of, harbour, double room, underground, motorway, brochures - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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