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Pakiety użytkownika marcinemjestem
  • 0
    fautly, bookshop, go cheap, brochure, logo, display, costly, duty-free, out of order, pick up a bargain, sklep należący do sieci handlowej, cold calling, pocket-sized, buy in bulk, celebrity endorsement, make a shopping list, leaflet, return an item, overpriced, purchase, keep a receipt, get money back, stock up on, put up the price, top quality, faded, make a complaint, commercial, fitting room, missing, retail outlete, receipt
  • 0
    był sobie pewien paweł
    pick and choose, exciting, get insured, feel about, by card, police station, plumber, real estate agency, beauty salon, investment bond, meet up, post office, withdraw, formidable opponent, take out insurance, travel agency, exchange rate, sick and tired, chiropractor, car wash, invest, be reasonable with money, peace and quietq, part and parcel, internet fraud, doctor's surgery, small change, prove, PIN number, do a favour, deliver, caterer
  • 0
    lifejacket, landscaped, holidaymaker, deserted, palace, boat trip, sigh, excursion, breathtaking view, drift off, passenger, gasp, economic benefits, ancient, package holiday, journey, winding road, survive, fire drill, monument, voyage, architectural interest, souvenir hunting, scuba diving, pile, cathedral, frankly, go about daily business, exhausted, opt for, pick up, direct flight
  • 1
    Everybody is in the place
    advertisements, viewer, gallery, readers, caption, celebrity, can't put something down, spectator, interview, cable TV, cross out, caught up in a story, publisher, try your hand at, get it right, excellent read, street festival, play a role / character, tabloid, headline, stand in for, do research for, essay, expectant, microphone, box office, cover page, make up, radio, local interest, sell out, put on a show
  • 3
    limerick, musical, soundtrack, scene, illustration, rock, curtain, performance, ballroom dancing, cover, architect, interval, poet, sketch, symphony, fiction, brilliant, dance, science fiction, self-portrait, pop, tune in, psychological thriller, imaginative, predictable, extra, epic poem, romcom, cartoon, uninteresting, romantic, writer
  • 1
    kocham twoje oczy, kocham dzien i w nocy, chce bys byla tu
    eyelash, jet-lagged, feel under the weather, feel sick (I feel sick), chest, mumps, see a doctor, runny nose, backache, put your arm/leg in plaster, arm, syndrome, allergy, back, liver, eyebrow, operation, kidney, faint, eye, feel off-colour, treatment, palm, pain, disease, lung, infected, come out in a rash, get well, toothache, throat (deep, nie piszcie tego), eye drops
  • 1
    clinic, perform miracles, dumb (XD), follow your doctor's advice, de-stress, go cold turkey, incurable, witch-doctor, slow down , carer, stare at, disability, make do with something, independent, medical advice, operate on, powder, come off a drug, argue with someone, sedentary lifestyle, chat, curable, dietetyk, impractical, be hooked on, health centre, GP, alcohol, work out, therapy, walking stick, first aid
  • 1
    wesolego nowego roku
    pads, judo, half time, undo (boots), win, rower, runner, friction, captain, no jump, horse racing / jockey, transfer free, make sure, boxer, sailor, drop the baton, duration, endorse a product, billards, shooting, make progress, net, championships, crash into, hang-gliding, give something a go, defender, archery, triathlon, tracksuit, helpless (at), work out
  • 1
    <p> Witaj świecie </p>
    record a programme, upper / lower case, font size, run out of, come up with, run down, minimise, results, cordless kettle, recharge, follow instructions, close, battery, hairdryer, spreadsheet, chemist, geneticist, anatomy, astronomy, mathematics, instant messaging, washing machine, mathematician, dispose of old batteries, vaccine, take over, economist, satnav, observe / observation, oceanography, investigate / investigation, surf the Net
  • 0
    angielski bydlak
    overpopulation, trout, leaf, downpour, thunderstorm, stem, toxic, pollute, stormy, amphibian, cave, drop/pick up litter, whiskers, tiger, mild, light breeze, destroy, valley, riverbank, leaves, vicious, fumes, trim the hedges, landfill site, bear, giraffe, cloud, destruction, damage, environmental problem, climate change, horse
  • 0
    mieti zrobil slabe to musze poprawic
    planet, Uranus, outer space, be green, conservation / protection, pay up, heatwave, miraculously, atmosphere, mess up the whole planet, consequences, set out new rules, tsunami, satellite, UFO, wildlife conservation, hurricane, ban the use of plastic bags, convinced, affect, Mercury, solar / wind power, galaxy, flood, increase international cooperation, enormous, in the first place, astronaut, forest fire, give up, drought, awfully
  • 1
    один два три поехали!
    minority, (centre) party, hostage, politics, get bad press, assassin (dupadupaw??), break the law, queen, representative, stalking, city council, communicable disease, (national) identity, party member, kidnapping, give a press conference, democracy / democratic, Congress, explode, opposition, bribe, honour a promise, surrender, robber, conservative, prime minister, border, shoplifter, demonstrate/demonstration, polling station, state, policy
  • 2
    stick to (traditions), be a real pain, set up (an organisation), go bankrupt/bankruptcy, put up with something, income, detective, go to court, tiny, sheltered accommodation, crash, redistribution of wealth, tap into someone's need, lawyer, imprisonment, prosecutor, national debt, burning issue, social issue, come up with an idea, emigrate/emigration, suspect, defence / defend, plummet, repay, live on a budget, in the dock, rise / increase sharply, in the long term, global/globalisation, financial markets, pursue a career - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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