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    sell, valuable, special offer, rich, save, property, pension, official documents, enought savings, give, abroad, mortgage, loan, insurance, borrow, interest rates, current account, arrangement fee, valuable, investing, limited, take, saving account, different countries, lend, foreign exchange, a round-the-world ticket, pay back, company, spend, savings, small print
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    happy, lung, afraid, ankle, calf, throat, waist, rib, sprain your wrist, twist your ankle, exercise, exercise, heel, record, bang your head, painkillers, record, rest, angry, scalp, anxiety, disgusted, stomach, rest, depressed, skin, x-ray, cream, sadness, bottom, antibiotics, spine
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    A career in accountancy - zawodowy angielski
    income, track of somethings, advantages, career options, purchase, produce reports, earn a lot of money, variety career oportunities, cash flow, profit, exactly, choice you make now, prepare corporate, income, capable and hardworking people, paperwork, balance sheet, right qualifications, efficiently, expenses, achieve, get married, career goals, belong to accountants, suppliers, own, financial records, future intentions, information, bookkeeper, communication, respected - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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