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Pakiety użytkownika jodi_a
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    Najważniejsze zwroty i napisy ostrzegawcze
    With pleasure, Flammable [flamebol], Beware of the dog! [biłer], Mind the gap, Do not litter [lite], Low head room , Vacancies [wejkensis], Free admission [edmiszyn], What's up?, Not at all, Overhead equipoment [ekłitment] lub Men working above, Departures [diparczes], Private property [prajwet propeti], Leave it! lub Forget about it!, Customer service [kastomer], No through road, Self-service, Car rental lub Rent-a-car, No U-turns, Best regards, No vacancies, Authorized personnel only , I beg your pardon, Bye for now, Cloakroom [klakrum], Caution [kuszyn], Thievest! [fifs], Arrivals [eraiwuls], To the platforms, Fasten your seat belts!, High voltage [wolticz], Don't talk to me like that! [tok]
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    Ang. krok dalej 2 - zwroty z okresleniami czasu i liczebnikami
    Maybe we could go to the cinema in the evening?, Can we meet tomorrow?, in the afternoon, When I'm tired, I usually take a hot bath and go to sleep, Sometimes my neighbour listens to classical music at night, Could you give me your phone number, please?, Sometimes, when I'm fed up with everything, I pack my backpack and go to the mountains, My brother is getting married next year, We don't like to cook, so we often go to restaurants, last lub previous [priwies], Is breakfast included in the price?, We went to a concert last week, two fifths, I'll always remember the times we spent together, one fifth, soon, I rarely go to the theatre, I prefer to go to the cinema or concerts, What were you doing yesterday at 4 o'clock?, rarely [reli] lub seldom, I was born on ....., I went skiing once, but it was a long time ago, zero (point) five, six, from time to time, I have Spanish classes in the afternoon, always, w nocy, a long time ago, I hope I'll find a new job soon, Do you have time to read a newspaper in the morning?, a half, When were you born?, a quarter
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    słówka związane z rodzina, przyjaciółmi i zawieraniem znajomości
    to have an affair, to bring up children, to file for divorce, to celebrate, divorced, to get on well with sb, to make friends, inseparable, family life, single mother, closest relatives, to pick sb up, to have a lot in common, false, separation, foster family, relationship, to break sb's heart, soul mate, an only child, trustworthy, to catch sb's lub to catch sb's attention, to tell sb a secret, close friendship, generation, to advise sb lub to give sb advice, sibling, to be pregnant, honest, marriage, distant relatives, to christen
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    autor: jodi_a
    Słówka związane z edukacja, szkoła podstawowa, studia 124 słówek
    library [laibry], to give satisfaction, boarding school, present, MA degree (Master of Arts) lub MSc (Master of Science), encourage lub motivate, good grades [grejts] lub good marks, to be good at sth, written exam, higher education, trainee lub apprentice, to fail an exam, hard-working, trade school [treit], doctorate, task lub assignment [asajment], private school [prajwit], university department, lectures [lekczers], school violence [wailents], top student, absent, make-up test, lazy [lejzy], compulsary classes, professor, school subject, to defend one's thesis, studious [stiudies] lub diligent [delidżynt], enthusiastic, school fees [fis], secondary school lub high school
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    Całe zdania w temacie rodzina, przyjaciele, zawieranie znajomości
    John proposed to his girlfriend during a romantic trip to Paris., He is the black sheep of the family because he didn't want to go to university., You let me down., What's she like?, She's a single mother. Her financial situation isn't so good., Kate immediately caught his eye., He confessed to having an affair during their divorce trial., Where did you meet?, It was love at first sight., I think we're meant for each other!, I'm sorry, but I don't think we're meant for each other. Let's be friends., When are you finally going to start a family?, Lucky you...., A friend in need is a friend indeed., We met at karate class., Hi there, I really like you. I'd like to go out with you., He stood me up again!, The Browns got a divorce last year and now Mr Brown must pay alimony to his wife., Bili and jane have been inseparable lately., You know you can count on me any time., I am an only child. that's why I've always wanted a brother or sister., They argue all the time, but they are a happy couple., He is my best friend - I can rely on him and I trust him., It's true, it was love at first sight., She's funny and smart., I can see you're crazy about her., I feel just great! You won't belive it, but I'm in love! - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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