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Pakiety użytkownika porcelainfields
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    Słówka z repetytorium maturalnego na poziomie podstawowym.
    pretty, occupation, lose one's temper, mad (about), confident, swimsuit, special features, well-built, treat somebody with respect, belt, surname, honest, mean, gender, determined, gloves, a lack of confidence, accessories, reserved, neck, formal, dress, male, fat, eyes, nose, chin, jeans, tailored, forehead, wrinkles, clothes
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    Słówka z ćwiczeń do rozdziału People - Ludzie.
    look out for, pull hard, sudden crash of ice, shiver, outdoors, bad-tempered, giving out signals, chatty, red and black, shout back, in certain way, indifferent, far behind, simply, cry, chat, striped, adventure, broaden social circle, slightly to one side, anyway, lie flat, however, direct eye contact, drop a line, patterned, wildlife documentaries, gestures, injure, bright-coloured, rail, share tips
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    Słówka z repetytorium maturalnego na poziomie podstawowym.
    mice, quiet location, renovated, in the middle of nowhere, dressing table, tidy up the mess, in the suburbs, on the outskirts, accommodation, $300 per week, radiator, walk in the fields, 10-storey block, microwave oven, cooker, accommodation, traffic, doorbell, dry the dishes, detached house, bright, roof, town centre, by the sea, venue, cheap, pay in advance, face onto the main road, deposit, climb up, good location, city centre - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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