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Pakiety użytkownika porcelainfields
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    Słówka z repetytorium maturalnego na poziomie podstawowym.
    handsome, have the right attitude, casual, impatient, eyes, be the centre of attention, kind, compliment somebody about something, be fed up with something, good-looking, head, hair, plump, single, elegant, sleeveless, date of birth, caring, face, complain about something, shy, clothes, be kind to others, waist, be sorry for, personal interests, a lack of confidence, male, easy-going, reserved, gender, honest
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    Słówka z ćwiczeń do rozdziału People - Ludzie.
    designer labels, shore, red and black, woollen, relocated, lean forward, energetic, above, communicate, slightly to one side, towards, otherwise, admire, go forward, bad-tempered, go on, stress the importance, rail, patterned, pull hard, nevertheless, consider, confirm, in certain way, Spanish-speaking, direct eye contact, grade, cyclist, lie flat, chat, not only, indifferent
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    Słówka z repetytorium maturalnego na poziomie podstawowym.
    enter, noticeable, bed, residential building, wonder, face onto the main road, sweep the floor, radiator, tall modern building in a city, accommodation, built-in cooker, vacuum the carpet, semi-detached house, unusual recipes, house, move into a new flat, far cheaper, cellar, steep mountains, situated, dirt, mattress, in the suburbs, accommodation, master bedroom, resident, roof, built-in oven, flat stands out from, free parking, coat stand, located - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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