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    someone whomood often changes very suddenly:, based on or acting on good judgment and practical ideas or understanding, people or actions show intention or wish hurt someone or something very badly, not proud or not believing that you are important, cruel, violent, and completely without feelings, person who gets up or arrives early, positive relationship between two people or groups in which they feel sympathy for each other, someone, usually of high social class, who is famous for going lot of parties and social events, energetic happy person who enjoys being with other people, believing that having money and possessions is the most important thing in life, believing that something is very important and giving lot of time and energy it, showing behaviour in which you do things suddenly without any planning and without considering the effects they may have, young person, usually male, who behaves in uncontrolled way and is often causing trouble, person that never lies,honest person, someone who has unusual ideas and behaves strangely, energetic happy person who enjoys being with other people, gentle, loving, or kind, twelve, amusing and not serious, person who is lazy and lives by other people working, giving them money, person that never lies,honest person, intended harm or upset other people, migotanie, saying that someone or something is bad or wrong, too serious and full of importance, wants have all of that person's love and attention and will not share it with anyone else, showing feelings of liking or love, the act of repeatedly looking see what time it is in order see how much longer you have work, not changing in your friendship with or support for person or organization, or in your belief in your principles, amusing and not serious, odrobina, number such as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, that shows the position of something in list of things - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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