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Pakiety użytkownika akilliada
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    Zestaw słówek z unitu 11 podręcznika Matura Masters Intermediate
    stem cell, update, invade, stuff, designer babies, alike, in the hands of the people, fear, eliminate a problem , digital native, it takes forever, go on, catch the imagination, lose connection, stunt, worldwide, coach, phenomenon, it bugs me, cute, out of curiosity, check out, insane, hectic, intentional, enhance a design, come as a complete surprise, days are numbered, advance, blame, word of mouth, be conditioned into sth
  • 0
    Lista słówek z Unitu 12 Matura Masters Intermediate
    promotion prospects, promote, rent, as far as I'm concerned, flexitime, sales rep, refit, deal, deposit, denim, maintain, put up with, wage, renovation, jobcentre, carpenter, belongings, vicious, truly, opportunity, rewarding, resign, home swapping, double in value, manoeuvre, in good shape, do overtime, preposition, union, neglect, laid-back, drop
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    Lista słówek z modułu 7 Destination Matura 2015
    Easter Monday custom of dousing with water, (ex) husband, get engaged, Independence Day, the Epiphany, register, religious festival, divorcee, lend a hand, share interests, content community, symbolise, fiancee/fiance, take part in, wedding reception, in tribute to, single parenthood, leave/post a comment, date, church service, (un)subscribe, moderation, be of age, siblings, ceremony, take advantage of, Fat Thursday, come to terms with, account/profile, troll, annicersary, make up with sb
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    Lista słówek z modułu 5 Destination Matura 2015
    classmate/schoolmate, Master of Business Administration, form teacher, A-levels, revise for (a test), explore new horizons, attend, do well/ badly at school, have a good head for (figures), teaching staff, crammer, full-time course, (autumn) term, sponge, canteen, scholarship, literacy, staff room, meet the requirements, competition, school-leaving exam, examine, do one's best, pre-school, school report for parents, Master of Arts, mock exam, (Three-year) course, high school, state school, PhD in (economics), join a club
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    Lista słówek z modułu 6 Destination Matura 2015
    discouraged by failure, carpenter, co-worker, observe the dress code, chances for quick promotion, cover travel expenses, accountant, shift work, chimney sweep, subordinate, IT specialist, unsuccessful attempts, retail sales, require extra skills, care about (clients), camp counsellor, be self-employed, ticket inspector, job burnout, stockbroker, (un)skilled labour, underpaid job, maintain, curatorial assistant, (a good) command of English, secure job, persistence, lookism/ sexism/ ageism, trade union, highlight accomplishments, overcome difficulties, work flexitime - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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