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Pakiety użytkownika akilliada
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    Zestaw słówek z unitu 11 podręcznika Matura Masters Intermediate
    run out of, view, effectively, break up with, invade, lose connection, it bugs me, stuff, within reason, be conditioned into sth, eliminate a problem , it takes forever, alike, insane, substitute, fulfil, stunt, broadband, days are numbered, quirky, circulation, subliminal, frustrated, considerate, nostalgic, coach, consumer, witness, plain rude, access, in your shoes, catch the imagination
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    Lista słówek z Unitu 12 Matura Masters Intermediate
    mess, opportunity, straightforward, letting agent, navigation, neglect, conjuction, convenient, belongings, optimistic, union, employ, stroke of luck, flexitime, short of cash, in good shape, sales rep, do up, oar, vicious, tutor, personal assistant, promoted, rewarding, property developing, brainstorm, HR, fix, deal, scruffy-looking, construction worker, achivement
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    Lista słówek z modułu 7 Destination Matura 2015
    ancestor, bad behaviour, (pottery) workshops, make friend with sb, log in/ log out, honour, lend a hand, check for updates, blessed food eaten for Easter SUnday breakfast, symbolise, share a wafer, message board, paint eggs, cohabiting parents, volunteering, sort out a disagreement, christening/baptism, be crazy about, defend sb (against), Easter Monday custom of dousing with water, wedding, sing (in a choir), do one's best, make a speech, meditate, (blog) entry, (sibiling) rivalry, religious festival, remember the deceased, adult/ grown-up, automatic notifications, dad-to-be
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    Lista słówek z modułu 5 Destination Matura 2015
    boarding school, give homework/ tests, private/public school, suffer rejection, physics, develop interests, canteen, grammar school, (Three-year) course, staff room, dyslexic, competition, use formulas, educate, safety measures, pop quiz, obligatory, business studies, school-leaving exam, crammer, divide, sponge, classmate/schoolmate, literacy, get/ improve skills, corridor, ban on mobile phones, demanding, subtract, do well/ badly at school, optional, pass/ fail (an exam)
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    Lista słówek z modułu 6 Destination Matura 2015
    craftsman, no qualifications needed, trade union, tough deadlines, prospects, seasonal job, unsuccessful attempts, claim, florist, day off, observe the dress code, occupation, supervisor, pension, notary public, role, job, position, post, chimney sweep, pay rise, take maternity/paternity/parental leave, fee, make a living, computer programmer, unemployment benefit, sampler, medical benefits, doable, good atmosphere at work, bell boy, training opportunities, colleague, cover(ing) list, shift work - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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