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Pakiety użytkownika akilliada
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    Zestaw słówek z unitu 11 podręcznika Matura Masters Intermediate
    check out, in the hands of the people, fear, coach, circulation, comfort, access, view, in your shoes, to date, worldwide, in this day and age, word of mouth, computer literate, target, fast-forward, consumer, raise a question, quirky, eliminate a problem , broadband, refer to an idea, immortal, alike, intentional, suspect, integral, enhance a design, advance, it bugs me, sensation, witness
  • 0
    Lista słówek z Unitu 12 Matura Masters Intermediate
    property developing, challenging, fix, paintbrush, HR, colleague, pay rise, lend a hand, ginger-haired, out of work, on the dole, overgrown, fire, deposit, scruffy-looking, worn out, dig up, dress code, navigation, apply for, instalment, habitable, employ, blunder, make someone redundant, put in on the market, optimistic, company car, raise an issue, plumber, oar, do up
  • 1
    Lista słówek z modułu 7 Destination Matura 2015
    maturity, file for divorce, convince, verbal abuse, online social networking, message board, honeymoon, take sides, divorcee, play cards/chess/board games, (ex) husband, reach a compromise, automatic notifications, account/profile, twins, edit a page, special card, treat equally, triplets, (pottery) workshops, responsibility, dad-to-be, publich oliday, be/get married, overburden, brother/ daughter/ parents-in-law, wedding, clear/express one's doubts, spouse, fake identity, All Saints' Day, annicersary
  • 0
    Lista słówek z modułu 5 Destination Matura 2015
    revise for (a test), learn (dates) by heart, demanding, club, (winter) break, talented, give homework/ tests, willingly participate in, distance learning, crammer, chemistry, pass/ fail (an exam), play truant, chalk, optional, training, develop interests, make progress, sponge, suffer rejection, staff room, high school, fees, multiply, Scouting, dancing classes, make/do/check tests, rector, vocational school, PE, state school, lower secondary school
  • 0
    Lista słówek z modułu 6 Destination Matura 2015
    confectioner, butler, head-chef, seize every chance, claim, career advancement, intellectual/ physical work, subordinate, electrician, keep one's family, extra job, engineer, be self-employed, judge, candidate, wear a strange outfit, lawyer, juggler, computer programmer, observe the dress code, commission, colleague, check one's references, calling, personal qualities, work overtime, camp counsellor, mobbing, clean out, drop off, work at a cash desk, hold a position - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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