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Pakiety użytkownika akilliada
  • 1
    Zestaw słówek z unitu 11 podręcznika Matura Masters Intermediate
    hit, come as a complete surprise, enhance a design, subliminal, google, insane, clutter up, make a fuss, in your shoes, product placement, value, plain rude, fear, eliminate a problem , suspect, hectic, comfort, upload, advance, worldwide, alike, check out, battery, go backwards, catch the imagination, stuff, integral, cute, stunt, coach, go off, to date
  • 0
    Lista słówek z Unitu 12 Matura Masters Intermediate
    do up, home swapping, deal, short of cash, achivement, mortgage, conjuction, overgrown, make someone redundant, property developing, recipe, landlord, belongings, scruffy-looking, laid-back, navigation, architect, weed, construction worker, deposit, oar, challenging, maintain, worn out, pay rise, employ, paintbrush, reserve, vicious, property developing, dig up, resign
  • 1
    Lista słówek z modułu 7 Destination Matura 2015
    responsibility, funeral, menorah, fancy dress party, siblings, hand a wreath/garland, deal with/ handle/ manage, burial, put career before a family, (nuclear/ extended) family, chores, be/get married, text, step (son/father/mother), divorcee, adjust, troll, meditate, deny, church service, parade, be keen on, Internet meme, practise with one's band, register, moderation, overprotectiveness, kumpel, wedding, blessed food eaten for Easter SUnday breakfast, (pottery) workshops, account/profile
  • 0
    Lista słówek z modułu 5 Destination Matura 2015
    chemistry, boarding school, school leaver, student council, dress code, lecturer, have a good ear for languages, comprehensive school, school rules, hazing, rector, educate, tutor, undergraduate/graduate/doctoral studies, residental/modular courses, high school, head teacher, subtract, make/do/check tests, chalk, ban on mobile phones, willingly participate in, examine, add, invasion of personal space, Master of Arts, part-time course for adults, ICT, faculty/ department, GCSE, business studies, grammar school
  • 0
    Lista słówek z modułu 6 Destination Matura 2015
    arduous task, accountant, interpersonal skills, driving instructor, give a bill/ a receipt, job offer/ opportunity, application rules, lookism/ sexism/ ageism, sports instructor, confectioner, get higher education, considerable experience, royalities, paramedic, serve (a customer), cover(ing) list, fee, lumberjack, no qualifications needed, employ, highlight accomplishments, role, job, position, post, receptionist, work at a cash desk, sampler, offer a job, caretaker, odd job, florist, income, manufacture, available for a job interview - projektowanie graficzne, uslugi programistyczne
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